Why do I deserve this Scholarship?

My dad once told me, “Once you find your passion, the one thing you really love doing, your whole world will change.” I have spent years of my life searching for that passion, trying every club in school, learning every sport, researching every career known to human existence. It wasn’t until I went on my year twelve tourism trip to The International Tourism College – City Campus, that I realized that my dad was right all along; my world was about to change.

On the excursion I was exposed to all sorts of new materials, surroundings, people and experiences. I was around some quite dangerous obstacles, ones that if I didn’t follow the guidelines I could have really hurt myself, but I didn’t care, I was way too fascinated.   Soon after, I became interested in the careers I could pursue in adventure tourism. My search to find a dream career ended when I learned more about the career, the experiences and fun adventures you are able to pursue in this fast faced, exciting, hands-on industry sector. I found a huge variety of job opportunities for adventure tourism across a range of different tertiary institutes; however, the one that stood out the most was the International Travel College. I want to take my love and passion for helping people to the next level. I hope to obtain a diploma to further develop and extend my knowledge in my chosen field and to eventually fulfil my dream of attaining a management role in the adventure tourism industry sector. I’m extremely enthusiastic and passionate about not only the tourism industry in itself, but also the knowledge, skills and experiences that I would attain with the job. I’m eager and willing to learn over and above more about the tourism industry. I’m meant for big things; I know I am.

Winning this scholarship would mean that I would be one step closer to the future that is so close to my heart. It would make a higher education possible. This scholarship means that I can, and will, make a difference in my future with pursuing my career goal.



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